Attachment 9 – Lower Than Normal Voltage

A far more common problem than high voltage. Many electrical appliances can be damaged when operated at 104 Volts AC or less.

What will it do?

Electric Motors Low Voltage means higher amperage. That means more heat, slower running and early failure. LV also means that motors with a starting switch (see Air Conditioners below) like washing machines may not reach starter winding cutout speed and this will result in motor damage. Some motors, however, will just run slow and not be damaged. Do you want to risk yours to find out?
Air Conditioners LV = Motors die early as above. Also, compressors (constant horse power loads) will be severely stressed and burn out.
Fluorescent Lamps LV = Constant cycling of circuit board and ballast. That means premature failure.
TV/VCR/etc. LV = Heat = premature failure of components. (And see Power Supplies below.)
Refrigerator LV = Relays fail to operate properly; unit goes into search mode from 120VAC to LP to 12VDC constantly and thoroughly confuses circuit board that, in consequence, fails.
Furnace & Water Heater LV = Slow fan, which = too much heat in furnace enclosure, which destroys circuit board. Water heaters with auto ignition have circuit board that may fail or not operate properly.
Microwave Oven LV = Fan runs slow. Fan cools a magnetron (the cooking element). Hot magnetrons die if run too long in this condition.
Power Supplies LV = Some power supplies will run too hot (switching power supplies); some just won’t regulate properly (linear type). Either, if not running properly, are components of and may damage, computer equipment, TVs, VCRs and the like.



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