This site was created to show the RV camper what is really happening behind the scenes at Ontario’s RV campgrounds with regard to the electrical issues they are experiencing. It outlines what would be required to correct the issues identified and the legal oversight that applies to newer installations.

The test results measured in this article were from one site at Highland Pines Campground, Belwood, ON.  These results are NOT representative of the whole park as each site will exhibit different results based on the distance to their respective distribution panel.

About The Author

Philip G Thompson C.E.T., BASc
Certified  Engineering Technologist (Electrical)

25 Years Experience

– Designing, implementing, and commissioning electrical distribution systems up to 600 volts, 1600 Amps.

– Control systems for automated machinery, PLC and computer hardware and programming.

5 Years Experience 

– Commercial Networking and WiFi

2 Years Experience

–  IT Manager
– Commercial Data Programming Applications

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