Communications History

02016/04/20Email to Ont OmbudsmanNo Response
12016/04/27Email to Steve Buist, Investigative Reporter- SpectatorToo Busy at this time.
22016/04/29Phone Call to OmbudsmanNo ResponseTalked to a young lady who told me they could not investigate this issue due to privacy issues. Requested Closure note in writing
32016/05/02Called back to Ombudsman Office for clarificationNo ResponseTalked to different lady that confirmed the privacy issue reason, said complaint was closed. no elaboration on issue Suggested a letter to Chairman of LTB Call Recorded
42016/05/02Sent email to Ombudsman's office requesting written notification of closure per Act No ResponseAsked for reasons for closure
52016/05/02Sent email letter to Vice-Chair LTBNo Response

Letter to The Ontario Ombudsman (2016-04-20)
No Response
Called Twice

Letter to Steve Buist – Investigative Reporter – Hamilton Spectator (2016-04-27)

Letter to Vice-Chair Landlord Tenant Board (2016-05-03)     
No Response – Yet