Cheaters ( Power Line Adapters )


Some campgrounds supply or make available, cheaters/adapters, to allow smaller RV’s to connect into larger capacity electrical circuits ie: 15A or 20A to 30A, 15A to 50A, or 30A to 50A. . I would not be surprised to see one of these units in just about any mobile RV’s equipment drawer.

The fact that these units are not permitted under the Canadian Electrical Code rules, seems to be a mute point. Where you are plugging in an RV with its own Circuit Breaker Panel and the RV CB is the equivalent of the reduced amperage adapter, then equipment has the proper protection level. It is only the cable from your RV to the Post that is not adequately protected.

Circuit Breakers are there to limit the current drawn in the circuit. If the circuit or equipment cannot handle the current, fires can occur.

Never use one of these cheaters to plug in appliances or equipment such as power tools. Bear in mind that this circuit is protected by a 30A or 50A circuit breaker, not the normal 15A. A short in the equipment could start a fire. If you have a blown fuse in a 10A/15A circuit would you replace it with a 30A or 50A Fuse? Think before you Act, not after its too late. If you REALY need to do this, buy a power bar with a 15A circuit breaker built in, or make yourself one.