Attachment 4 – Hydro One – Conditions of Service

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Distribution Customers, Conditions of Service, May 21, 2013

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all Customer Equipment complies with all Applicable Laws, including, but not limited to, the Electrical Safety Code and is properly identified and connected for metering and operation purposes. Where applicable, Customer Equipment shall be subject to the reasonable acceptance of Hydro One and the approval of the Electrical Safety Authority. Hydro One’s approval of any Customer Equipment is solely for the purposes of Hydro One’s protection of the Distribution System. The Customer is solely responsible for protecting its own property.

The Customer shall inspect the Customer Equipment at regular intervals. Clearances must conform to the Electrical Safety Code. The Customer shall repair or replace, in a timely fashion, any Customer Equipment, including, but not limited to, poles and transformer pads, that may affect the safety, integrity or reliability of the Distribution System. If the Customer does not take such action within the time specified by Hydro One, Hydro One may disconnect the supply of power to the Customer. Hydro One’s policies and procedures with respect to the disconnection process are further described in these Conditions of Service.

(1)  J. Travel Trailer Parks (Intermittent/Seasonal Use)

The park authority/owner will provide, own, and maintain all distribution facilities, including transformers and individual metering as required, within the park boundary. Such facilities will be subject to the approval of the Electrical Safety Authority. All electricity supplied for park services will be combined and billed under one General Service account. If a Secondary Metered Service is not practical, a Primary Metered Service will be required at or near the park property limit.

 (2) 1) Park distribution system owned by park owner:

(iv) park owners of privately-owned systems shall meet all the requirements of the Electrical Safety Authority,