Attachment 10 – Campground Reviews

The following are comments made on the internet on blogs or other media regarding power available at other campgrounds here in Ontario

(1)Riverside Park Motel and Campground

Very nice location about 15 minutes to the Falls located next to the Niagara River and bike path. Small spots, some seasonal campers, friendly staff. We did have a problem w/the power though on our site where our surge protector shut off frequently due to low voltage when trying to run A/C (less than 105v). Complained to CG staff, but insisted the problem was w/our camper. Luckily, the temps were not too hot and we were able to open the camper up and used the vents.


(2)Milton Heights Campground

No 50 amp sites available for our time period so we had to do with 30 amp, but then the power company cut down the voltage to the point that we thought our A/C might be damaged…got to 104.1 volts for an extended period of time. The day before we left the power got to a high of 110 volts.


3)Sherkston Shores

Electricity in the park was reasonably stable (we run A/C and are sensitive to low voltage) and the voltage didn’t drop below 100V.


(4)Wasaga Pines Family Campground, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Negatives: Low line Voltage. lowest line voltage of any campground ever stayed in. If that was fixed would go back.

Its a good park except for the fact that the line voltage consistently was in the 105


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